Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Bolder Boulder 2011

Okay, I've been slacking on the posts on my various workouts, partially because I feel like they're getting a bit repetitive. So instead of doing those, I'll do short ones, listing new exercises or progressions that we learn. I'll also post about any major milestones or events or anything like that.

I was out of town last week (doing some shooting at Front Sight) and so I ate like crap and didn't work out at all. That was not ideal. I definitely put on a couple of pounds while I was out there, so I'm going to try to peel that back off this week. I have to say, I'm pretty amazed both at how much and how little I can gain and lose depending on my actions. Given what I ate, I'm kind of surprised I didn't put on even more weight, but I'm also displeased that just a week of eating the way I used to would cause me to put weight back on so quickly. Weird, eh?

After I got back, I sort of relaxed for a couple days, tried to get settled in and catch up with some friends we'd neglected while I was away. I also ran the Bolder Boulder. I had not been training for a race, as you know if you've been reading this. I've run a little bit, but not very far, very fast, or very often. This was more of a test of my cardio training, and I think I did well. Here are my results:

Race Results 2011

I finished in 59:34, which gives me an average pace of 9:35/mi. I'm pretty pleased. That time qualifies me for a running wave next year, for one. It's also about 2 min/mi faster than I ran last year. it was tough, but fun and very rewarding. My legs are freaking killing me now, though. I didn't stretch properly after the race and I didn't eat my 30g of protein and 30g of carbs quickly enough afterward, for sure. Since it's my first week back from vacation and yesterday was a Tuesday, however, I still decided to go to the gym. That was probably silly, but my legs definitely felt better when they were warm. It was this morning that it really hit me just how silly it had been.

We did learn a few new things last night that I wanted to record here. One is a core exercise using a yoga ball and the other is a back exercise using a yoga ball. To do the core exercise, you're essentially doing a plank with your elbows on the ball instead of the ground. You slowly push your elbows out from your body as far as you can, and then roll them back in. It can be tough to get more than a few inches of movement at first, but it's a heck of a good workout for the abs. The back exercise is done back putting your hips/lower abdomen on the ball and you toes on the floor with your heels on the wall. I was trying to do this with my feet lifted up off the ground and against the wall and it was nearly impossible to stay balanced. So put your feet against the wall with your toes on the floor and you'll be fine. Next, you cross your arms in front of your chest, and left you back up and back, squeezing your shoulder blades together. This will work your lower and mid-back muscles. If it's too easy, move the ball lower on your hips or extend your arms to the side with your palms facing upward as you rise.

I think that's it for me for now. Just trying to get myself back to the weight I was before I left. A week of sitting in a car and eating a bunch of junk really takes a toll on the body! I'm hoping that all this punishment will get me back there as quickly as possible. it sucks right now, but I really want to get myself back on track. I will keep you posted on my progress. Thanks for reading!

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